Responsive Web Design

A Responsive Website Improves SEO And Reduces The Amount Of Maintenance Hassle , Meaning There Won’t Be A Drop In Your Website Speed Either. It’s A Lot More Stress Free For The Owner And The Visitor.


Not too long ago, to view a website on a mobile device you would have to be redirected to an entirely new site. This was to cater for individual device needs, e.g. one website for computers, one for tablets, and one for mobiles. Each website would have to have their own links, and it was a pain to manage because each one would have to be monitored separately. One responsive website means that you can manage one website with one set of links, without having to redirect users to another website where they will have to deal with server loading time.


  1. SEO As mentioned, Google has gone out and said that they prefer sites that are responsive (as opposed to having a separate mobile site for the same content), as there is only one address for them to serve the content to the user. You also have more of a chance for your content being served to users searching on mobile devices, compared to non-optimised sites.

  2. Cost To maintain separate device specific for websites, (e.g. for iPhone, iPad, Desktop) would be more costly than maintaining one single website that's layout adapts automatically to the device in question.

  3. Users With a well designed responsive website, Users will be happier to use your website and return again and again, on their alternative devices. If a user can't use your site efficiently, as it is not set up to work on their device, it's unlikely they will keep returning.

  4. Competition As RWD is in its early adoption stage, getting a leg up on the competition could gain you extra customers and sales. Your new responsive site could appear ahead of your competitors in Google searches, and nobody will turn that down.

  5. Future Proof By going responsive, your website will stand a much better chance of standing the test of time online. If you get a site designed today, and don't refresh the look for another 3 years, even if new devices are anounced in that time, your site should have no problem being displayed in it's adaptive layout.